We love to live out our faith in community. Life groups meet at various times on various days throughout the week.


  Welgevonden/Town Central

   Wed 7pm

   Young Adults

Johannes & Ali Brand

  Onder Papegaaiberg

  Wed 7:30pm


Daniel & Kendra


   Wed 7:30pm

   Young Adults

Jack & Megan

   Town Central

   Wed 7pm


Nathan & Mandy


   Thurs 7:30pm

  Young Adults

Kevin & Megan

   Die Boord/Paradyskloof

   Mon 7:00pm

   Young Adults & Students

Guy & Beth

   Stellenbosch Central

   Thurs 7pm


Scott, Lindsay, Christian & Hannah

  Stellenbosch Central

   Mon 7pm


Stefan & Sharon

   Somerset West

   Thurs 7pm


Warren & Karen

   Die Boord/Stellenbosch

   Wed 6-8pm



First Tuesday of every month

One Hope House & Online

We love praying together. Charles Spurgeon once said that prayer is the “engine room of the church”. We dedicate the first Tuesday of every month to fast & pray, concluding in an evening prayer meeting together.


Knowing God and making Him known is our vision. One of the ways that we get to know more about our God is through bible studies, where we can engage with God’s word in a more focused way.


Jesus modeled servant leadership and we try to do the same. There are plenty of areas in which to use your gifts to bless the broader community, ranging from hosting, events, worship team, media, children’s and high school ministries, and plenty more.

As a community we believe that God calls us to be a conduit of blessing to Stellenbosch and further afield. Financially we aim to sow a significant portion of our church income into meaningful opportunities to spread the wonderful news of Christ, while at the same time caring practically for those in need. Click here for more info.

Kids Ministry

We value family and in particular ministry to children. We count it a great privilege to be leaving fingerprints of the Gospel on the souls of the children that belong to our community. As a Stellenbosch family we want to direct our efforts to support and strengthen you as a parent. We want to make the job of parenting an ever increasing joy for you.

Sundays during Church

We are partnering with our parents in joyfully discipling the next generation.


19:00-21:00 Friday evenings

In a home in Stellenbosch

Join a bunch of high schoolers who are committed to loving Jesus, loving people and living an adventure


Plenty of students flood into our town every year. Seeing these students become world changers for Jesus is our dream. We have specific student LifeGroups and host regular events throughout the year.


Stellenbosch is home to many young working adults. We partner with these people to equip them for influence in Christ. We have young adult LifeGroups and host regular events throughout the year aimed at young adults.


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